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Welcome to the website of the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.


The Board is responsible for the registration of Licensed Surveyors to perform cadastral surveying in Victoria. Cadastral surveying is the process of determining the legal boundaries of property.


The Board is also responsible for the investigation of the professional conduct of Licensed Surveyors.


The Board actively participates on the Surveying Task Force Incorporated in attracting students into surveying courses to ultimately become Licensed Surveyors and ensure the sustainability of the profession. 


What's New?



  • The revised Guidelines for Further Professional Education or Training came into effect on 1 January 2017 The major revisions to the FPET Guidelines relate to the definition of FPET categories (section 4) and specification of the FPET points requirement for licensed surveyors (section 5.4).  In particular, the definition of the “other” category has been broadened to include risk management (the latter is no longer a compulsory FPET category).  Also, at least 10 of the 15 FPET points must be gained in the category of Cadastral Survey Practice or in the combined categories of Cadastral Survey Practice and Development Planning, with a minimum of 7 points in the category of Cadastral Survey Practice.  The categories of Cadastral Survey Practice and Development Planning must be specific to Victoria.

  • The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, 24 July 2017.  All business to be included on the agenda must be submitted to the Board at least one week before the Board meeting.


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