Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

NOTE - Surveyors are to advise the Board on any changes to their contact details. Go to web page "Update my Contact Details"

Registration Renewal

Licensed Surveyors are required to renew their registration each year, prior to 31st December.  It is anticipated that Renewal of Registration Notices will be forwarded in early November each year. The Board will also randomly audit the FPET compliance of 5-10% of the Surveyors on the Register. To assist with personal FPET record keeping and to simplify the audit process, surveyors are encouraged to utilise the FPET Activity Statement.

Fee Payment Information for 2015-2016

  • Current Renewal Fee for Practising Surveyors - $214.70 (exempt from GST).
  • Current Renewal Fee for Non-practising Surveyors - $59.70 (exempt from GST).
  • It is anticipated that Renewal of Registration Notices will be forwarded in mid to late November. This notice becomes a Tax Invoice / Receipt when you make payment. No separate Tax Invoice or Receipt will be issued.
  • An additional late payment fee of $59.70 will apply if the Board has not received payment on or before 31 December.  The period of acceptance of late payments is 3 months after which time the surveyor’s name is removed from the register.
  • The renewal fee payment can be made either by cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the Board’s Bank Account.
  • On-line banking must include the surveyor's surname and registration number in the comments or identifier field of the transaction to ensure that the payment is recorded by the Board.

Contact Details

Licensed Surveyors must ensure that their contact details are correct

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