Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Managing a Complaint


The Board is currently reviewing its complaints-handling framework. Existing policies and procedures will be updated as required.


The purpose of the complaints and disciplinary process is to ensure a fair procedure that promotes the highest standard of professional conduct for all Licensed Surveyors.  As a Licensed Surveyor you should be aware of the complaints procedure. 


What happens if a complaint is made against me?

  • Review the Information for Licensed Surveyors and the FAQs for Licensed Surveyors.
  • If the Board receives a written complaint about the conduct of a Licensed Surveyor, it will notify the Licensed Surveyor in question, by ordinary pre-paid and registered post, of the existence of the written complaint and of the procedures for dealing with a complaint under the Surveying Act 2004
  • On receiving a written complaint, the Executive Officer will refer the complaint to the Board.  The Board will make one of four decisions:
    • to conduct a formal hearing into the complaint;
    • to appoint an officer of the Board, sub-committee of the Board or a person who the Board reasonably believes has the relevant qualifications or experience to carry out a preliminary investigation into the complaint and to report to the Board; or
    • to arrange to settle the matter by agreement between the Board and the Licensed Surveyor; or
    • to dismiss the complaint. 
  • If the Board decides to appoint an officer of the Board or a sub-committee of the Board to carry out a preliminary investigation, the officer of the Board or sub-committee of the Board will contact the Licensed Surveyor in writing and request the Licensed Surveyor to respond in writing within 14 days.
  • The Licensed Surveyor will be advised within 28 days after the Board receives the complaint, or, if a preliminary investigation is conducted, within 28 days after the completion of the preliminary investigation, whether a formal hearing is to be conducted. 


These documents are available in Microsoft Word (MS Word) and Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from Adobe.



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