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  • When do I need a licensed surveyor?
    You require a licensed surveyor when you want to:
    • know where the boundaries of your property are
    • build on or near your boundaries
    • claim title to land under adverse possession
    • subdivide your property
    • create an easement over your property
    • establish a building strata development
  • How do I find a licensed surveyor?
    The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria website does not provide contact details for Licensed Surveyors in Victoria but we have provided links to several other websites that do.  All Victorian licensed surveyors have the option of displaying their business name and/or contact details and/or educational qualifications on the public on-line Register of Licensed Surveyors.  Please check the 'More Info' column on the Register to see if a surveyor has made his/her details publicly available.
  • How do I check if a licensed surveyor is registered?
    If you have found a licensed surveyor and you want to check that he or she is registered, you can check the Register of Licensed Surveyors.
  • What is a licensed surveyor?
    A licensed surveyor is a surveyor who is authorised to perform cadastral surveys and is the only person legally entitled to undertake a survey to define and mark the boundaries of your property.  Licensed Surveyors are registered by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria.  Any person, not being a Licensed Surveyor, who undertakes a boundary definition survey (a cadastral survey) is liable for prosecution, as such a survey is illegal, and would have no legal standing. 
  • The following people are NOT licensed surveyors:
    Architects, building surveyors, building inspectors, builders, fencing contractors, property developers, engineers, landscape gardeners, engineering surveyors, mining surveyors, marine surveyors, statistical or market surveyors, people who produce plans, people who produce maps, utilities tradespeople. 
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