Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Further Professional Education or Training (FPET)


Section 7 of the Surveying Act 2004 requires a licensed surveyor to undertake Further Professional Education or Training (FPET) in cadastral surveying and professional skills training in accordance with a determination of the Board.  The Board sees FPET as playing a fundamental role in preserving the high quality of cadastral surveying in Victoria.


The Board's FPET policy provides guidelines to licensed surveyors that describe the type and amount of FPET considered appropriate to support applications for annual renewal of their registration in Victoria; and provides guidelines to potential FPET providers that describes the acceptable forms it may take and the allocation of FPET points and Board approval (when required) in advance of a proposed activity.



FPET Point Compliance


Licensed Surveyors are required to gain a minimum of 15 FPET points in each 12 month FPET period. The Board has reviewed the manner in which surveyors are to advise the Board that they have complied with the FPET point requirements of:


At least 7 of the 15 points must be gained in the category of Cadastral Survey Practice or in the combined categories of Cadastral Survey Practice and Development Planning, both specific to Victoria (with a minimum of 5 points in the category of Cadastral Survey Practice) and 1 point must be gained in the subject of risk management in the Professional Practice category (i.e. Other). The remaining 7 points can be gained in any category. Note that the FPET points requirement will change, effective 1 January 2017 (refer to "Whats New" on the home page).


To streamline the administration of FPET compliance, surveyors are now required to simply certify that they have complied with the FPET point requirements. This will be achieved by indicating FPET compliance on the Registration of Renewal Notice reply slip and will include fee payment advice.


Each year, the Board will randomly audit the FPET compliance of approximately 10% of the Surveyors on the Register. To assist with personal FPET record keeping and to simplify the audit process, surveyors are encouraged to utilise the FPET Activity Statement.


FPET Activity Statements are to be retained by the surveyor and may form evidence of FPET compliance if subject to an audit.


Note that dates and details for FPET events may be changed by the FPET providers.  For further information, please contact the individual FPET providers where necessary.


FPET DVD Information


To purchase a Further Professional Educational or Training (FPET) DVD, please contact the Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria and request an order form.


The order forms for the DVD seminars are available two weeks after a seminar takes place. ACSV members will be sent a release day email informing them that the DVD is available to order.


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