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Under the Surveying Act 2004, any person may make a complaint to the Board about the professional conduct of a licensed surveyor. Complaints can also be made about the conduct of a former licensed surveyor if the conduct relates to a time when the person was registered as a licensed surveyor.  There is no deadline for making a complaint about the professional conduct of a licensed surveyor; you can make a complaint at any stage, even several years after the event.


To lodge a complaint against a Victorian licensed surveyor, please complete our online form below by selecting the name of the surveyor from the drop-down list.  Be sure to include all relevant background information and specific details pertaining to the nature of the complaint.

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Submitting files to support your complaint is optional. Our system accepts files of up to 5MB in size, in PDF, JPG, DOC/DOCX or ZIP format.

For large files, or other file types, please phone us to arrange submission of your supporting files.
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