Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

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For Licensed Surveyors

  • How do I renew my registration?
    To renew your registration as a licensed surveyor, you must pay a renewal fee and declare your compliance with Further Professional Education or Training (FPET) undertaken during the year. 
  • What are the registration fees?
    All licensed surveyors are required to pay annual registration fees.  The current fees are set out in the Surveying (Registration Fees) Regulations 2015. 
  • Where can I find out about Further Professional Education or Training (FPET)?
    Section 7 of the Surveying Act 2004 requires a licensed surveyor to undertake Further Professional Education or Training (FPET) in cadastral surveying and professional skills training in accordance with a determination of the Board.  The Board sees FPET as playing a fundamental role in preserving the high quality of cadastral surveying in Victoria.
  • What is my responsibility if I am unregistered, or registered with non-practising status? 
    A surveyor who is registered with non-practising status or who is not registered with the Board, cannot certify cadastral survey documents as a licensed surveyor.
  • Where can I find key documents for surveyors?
    Key documents include the Survey Practice Handbook, Surveyor-General's Publications and Key Legislation for Surveyors.
  • How do I gain registration in another State?
    Licensed Surveyors from Victoria may apply for registration in another State or Territory of Australia or New Zealand under the provisions of the Mutual Recognition Act 1992.
  • How do I become a supervising surveyor?
    A Supervising Surveyor must be a licensed surveyor who has been registered in Victoria for at least three years and cannot have more than two concurrent Professional Training Agreements. 
  • How do I become an examiner?
    Board appointed examiners assess projects and surveys (submitted by candidates in Professional Training Agreements) for compliance with regulations and cadastral surveying best practice.
  • How do I update my contact details?
    Update your contact details online by entering your Registration number and password you have been provided by the Board.


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