Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria

Becoming a Supervising Surveyor


Professional Training Agreements (PTAs) provide a mechanism for graduate surveyors to become registered as licensed surveyors in Victoria.  The purpose of the Professional Training Agreement is to provide a structured training program of education, training and development of skills. 


A graduate surveyor needs to have a Supervising Surveyor for the duration of his/her Professional Training Agreement.  A Supervising Surveyor must be a licensed surveyor who has been registered for at least three years and be engaged in cadastral surveying in Victoria.  At any given time, a Supervising Surveyor cannot have more than two candidates under his/her supervision in a Professional Training Agreement.  The Board also considers a licensed surveyor's experience, audit history and professional conduct record in gauging the individual's suitability in becoming a Supervising Surveyor to a candidate in a Professional Training Agreement.


For further information, please refer to the Board's Policy for Approval of Professional Training Agreements.


A Supervising Surveyor has a highly responsible role in providing an appropriate learning environment for the graduate surveyor and will:

  • develop a suitable Professional Training Agreement in conjunction with the graduate surveyor
  • provide supervision, leadership and tutoring to the graduate surveyor
  • review and provide guidance to the graduate surveyor on all projects and surveys prior to submission to the Board
  • report to the Board about the graduate surveyor during the training agreement (through the provision of biannual reports) and at the completion of the agreement.
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